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You may be thinking about getting your veins checked with our free vein health consultation, or you may even know that you need one…but it can be hard to take that first important step when you’re not sure what to expect.

The good news is, you really have nothing to fear! Our free evaluations are quick, comprehensive, and pain-free, giving you the care and peace of mind you need without long wait times or uncomfortable procedures.

What Happens in an Evaluation?

First, you’ll have a chat with Dr. Bunker. He’ll ask you some simple, specific questions and then examine the area you’re having trouble with. In the diagnostic portion of your examination, your legs will be evaluated using ultrasound, the same technique used to evaluate babies in their mothers’ womb. There is no radiation involved, and all you’ll feel is a warmed gel and light pressure.

Once we’ve confirmed what’s going on, you’ll be presented with the treatment options right for you, including our professional recommendation, and given all the time you need to discuss and ask questions.

How Long Does it Take?

The initial screening takes about 15 minutes, the ultrasound up to 1 hour, and the final consultation about 15 to 30 minutes. These three portions of your evaluation may all happen on the same day if time permits, such as in our “fast track” program, but we are not always able to schedule them all together.

How Soon Does Treatment Begin?

The time between the completion of your evaluation and the start of your treatment varies, mostly depending upon the requirements of your insurance carrier. We always do our best to expedite the process and get you treated as soon as possible. If you do not go through insurance, the timing is based on what works best for you.

So now that you have a better look at just what a free consultation entails, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to fear and so much to gain by getting your legs back to great health. Call us at (512) 726-0599 or contact us online to schedule your no-fear evaluation today!

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