One of the major misconceptions about vein disease is that athletes and people with an active lifestyles are prevented or protected from developing this condition. In a recent article published in the The Paramus Post in New Jersey, a local doctor shares a patient’s experience:

varicose vein treatment for athletesJane was always an athlete. Running was her main activity but in her 50’s Jane’s left knee was painful during and after running. After much physical therapy and medication, Jane had a knee replacement. Three years later she is back competing in triathlons. Her left leg is always more swollen than the right. It feels heavy and throbs by the end of the day. Jane has chronic Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Many of the athletic patients at Bunker Vein & Imaging Center have come in with limitations in their training programs and compromises in their performance. When we examine them carefully we find out that they have run of the mill varicose veins, just as the rest of the population does. Following treatment, they notice a significant improvement in their training and performance levels.

If you’re an athlete or lead an active lifestyle, and you feel you might have varicose veins or another vein problem, call (512) 726-0599 or contact us online to request an appointment for a free screening. We have two locations available in the greater Austin area:

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