Pain and aching of the legs, even in the absence of skin changes or varicose veins, may be an early sign of abnormalities in major veins of our legs that can’t be seen with the naked eye. These symptoms are often worse during the warm weather months, so schedule a complimentary consultation today to jump start your evaluation and learn about treatment options!

Austin Varicose Vein Closure Procedure Reviews“I started having varicose veins since I was a teenager. Before I met Dr. Bunker, I’d already had 2 old-style surgeries – 12 years passed between one and other. Last year I had the Closure procedure because my veins were pretty bad…my legs felt heavy, itchy and I was having cramps again.

This was a new procedure for me, and I really felt the difference – it was so not invasive, and Dr. Bunker was very professional and dedicated. He explained exactly what he was doing and the difference between this and older procedures. It’s been 8 months now and I feel great. He has a great staff…they are always friendly and willing to help as much as they can.

Thanks so much!”

— Elena V., Austin, TX

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Austin Varicose Vein Treatment Reviews“My doctor told me something had to be done about my varicose veins, and he referred me to Dr. Bunker. I got in quickly, had my treatments done, and my veins are resolved. It was an excellent experience. Dr. Bunker did a great job, and he and his team provided excellent care… and flexibility and commitment that go above and beyond.”

— Jerry H.

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