107729240_3278d325a5When going through pregnancy, your body will be going through many changes. One of these changes may be the appearance of varicose veins. Many factors can make you more susceptible to the condition, such as family history, successive pregnancies, carrying twins, aging, and obesity. When pregnant, your body will be holding more blood, which adds burden onto your veins. Thus, varicose veins may appear during your nine months. But with these prevention tips, you may avoid them or at least minimize their symptoms.

Prevent varicose veins during pregnancy by:

  • Exercising daily to encourage blood circulation
  • Avoid unnecessary weight gain by staying within the recommended range by your doctor
  • Make sure to take to breaks or stretch when sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • Wear support hose such as compression socks to make blood flow easier

For consultation or a free screening of varicose veins before, during, or after pregnancy, speak with us. We will happily diagnose and help you find the right treatment. Call us at 512-726-0599!

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