2594690838_e713aea099If you are looking to help treat varicose veins yourself or prevent them, natural ways may be a possibility. The tactics do not always work for everyone, but they may alleviate some of the symptoms. Of course, the best treatment is to seek professional care and treatment.

Natural Strategies To Treat Varicose Veins

Get Some Exercise

Keeping veins strong and healthy is key to treating and preventing varicose veins. Therefore, a mix of aerobic exercise and strength training can keep you at a healthy weight, which helps your support venous structure.

Grape Seed Extract & Horse Chestnut Seed Extract

This has been known as a treatment by providing an antioxidant that promotes elasticity and reduces fluid leakage that ultimately contributes to leg swelling. Horse chestnut seed extract may also be another supplement to help vein health by improving the function of vessel walls.


Using a compress can ease any discomfort and reduce the swelling. Depending on how your legs feel, using cold or heated compresses can reduce your symptoms further.

The most ideal treatment is to seek a professional help to properly diagnose your legs and recommend proven treatment that is individualized to your needs. Request a free screening or call us today at 512-726-0599.

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