interventional radiologyInterventional radiologists’ main focus is minimally invasive techniques that can produce improved outcomes, reduced infection rates, faster recovery time, and shortened hospital stays. Many years ago, interventional radiologists saw themselves among the first minimally invasive specialists – they were using their expertise in angioplasty and catheter-delivered stents to treat peripheral arterial disease. But not too long after that, cardio and vascular surgeons increased their use of interventional techniques.


Advantages of an Interventional Radiologist

Diagnostic ultrasound is critical to determining the underlying source of your vein problem. Ultrasound allows the doctor to observe the backward flow of blood (the venous reflux) through the vein and determine whether it is properly functioning.

Interventional radiologists have extensive training in ultrasound technology. Doctors who are trained and experienced in ultrasound are better equipped to handle image-guided procedures, resulting in a smoother procedure experience for the patient.

Another advantage of using an interventional radiologist is avoiding a hospital if it’s not necessary. Hospitals can be uncomfortable and lead to a higher risk of developing secondary infections. Because of highly effective and proven technologies, physicians skilled in minimally invasive vein treatments can perform almost every procedure in the office on an outpatient basis.

While there are many doctors who have some knowledge of vein disease, it’s recommended to seek a doctor who specializes exclusively in vein treatments, understands the complexity of the venous system, and is trained and experienced in the cutting-edge effective procedures.

Dr. Stephen Bunker is a vein specialist certified by American Boards of Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, and Vein and Lymphatic Medicine. To find out more about Bunker Vein’s non-surgical procedures, call (512) 726-0599 or contact us online to request a free screening.

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