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Cooler Weather is Better

As the summer heat fades and we finally start to see some cooler weather, it’s the perfect time to come in for a varicose vein evaluation.

It could take 6-12 weeks for your insurance company to approve treatment, and fall makes it much more comfortable to start wearing long, cozy compression socks—just one of many “conservative therapies” most insurance companies require.

While all of our procedures for treating varicose veins are quick to recover from and covered by most insurance plans, you will most likely be required to wear these medical-grade, long socks for several weeks before beginning more permanent treatment.

Not All Socks Are Created Equal

Compression socks or stockings are much tighter than what you’d find at the store, and stop the blood from flowing backwards to reduce pain and swelling. But they can be a drag to wear in the summertime, when we’re already working up a sweat in shorts and sandals.

If you get an evaluation now and tuck your compression stockings under your pants or leggings through the fall and winter, not only will you have an extra layer of warmth, you’ll also be ready to begin treatment in time to get your beautiful legs ready for spring.

Wearing compression stockings, along with the other conservative therapies you will probably be required to try, usually help to greatly reduce symptoms like pain and swelling. So if you get started now, you should be able to focus on enjoying the holidays and time with your family, instead of worrying about throbbing or aching legs.

Conservative Therapies Are Not Permanent Solutions

Unfortunately, these therapies alone are not typically able to provide permanent relief from varicose veins or their symptoms. That’s why after you’ve completed the necessary number of weeks, your insurance company will most likely give you the go-ahead for lasting treatment.

Our advanced, minimally invasive procedures for treating your varicose veins require just one to four treatments and very little recovery time, and provide permanently smooth, pain-free legs you’ll love showing off in the spring…but you have to start now before time runs out!

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