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So you have a lot of loved ones on your nice list this year. Going to the mall, outlets or a shopping center and knocking out many hours of holiday shopping at once may seem like the best and quickest use of your time, but it’s important to follow a few important guidelines to ensure that you don’t aggravate varicose vein symptoms or place strain on your vein health.

Here are 4 (really helpful!) Tips for Pain-free Shopping During the Holiday Season:

  1. Take lots of breaks during your marathon shopping spree. Find a bench or other place to stop for even 5-10 minutes and relax. Take a few deep breaths, grab a drink (preferably water or tea and not soda or coffee), and plan out your next stop instead of going straight there.
  2. Try to elevate your legs when you stop for lunch.  Make sure to give yourself a nice long chunk of time to sit down and enjoy your lunch in the food court or a nearby restaurant. While you’re sitting down, prop your legs up on the bench or the seat across from you to stretch and allow your blood to flow. Bonus points: Do this when you stop for breaks too.
  3. Avoid wearing high heels for long periods of time. It’s always fun to dress up for the holidays, but your shopping spree is one time when you’re better off leaving the heels at home. Many people don’t know this, or even think the opposite, but lower-heeled shoes can actually help tone your calf muscles and help blood move through your veins.
  4. Eat a low-salt diet rich in high-fiber foods. Let’s talk about those food court lunch options. Instead of the General Tso’s special, burger and fries, or pizza slice, try finding something like a baked potato, salad, smoothie, or stir-fry with lots of veggies. Eating fiber reduces the chances of constipation, which can contribute to varicose veins. High-fiber foods include fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains, like bran. And eating less salt can help with the swelling that comes with varicose veins.

Just by following these 4 simple tips, you’ll make your holiday shopping trip a lot easier (and more enjoyable). If you have questions about varicose veins or other ways to manage your symptoms, give Bunker Vein and Imaging a call at (512) 726-0599.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Bunker Vein!

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