Attentive and Thoughtful Blood Cot Leg Treatment Review“I was experiencing pain at the back of my left knee. I also thought I felt a knot, so I was really scared that I might have a blood clot. Dr. Bunker was very calming and professional, and I felt very confident that I was receiving the best of care. The Sonographer was outstanding! She was gentle and caring, and her bedside manner was attentive and thoughtful.

I have always hated feeling like I was under a microscope, and a Doctor’s office is the last place I want to go. But I couldn’t have asked for better care, and this is one Doctor’s office that I wouldn’t mind going back to! Thanks BVIC! Your staff was great!”

— Stacia A., Round Rock, TX
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Austin Varicose Vein Closure Procedure Reviews“Dr. Stephen Bunker…uh-mazing! He is a smart man who knows his stuff like no one else. I’m grateful for you and your staff. I’m happy to say I am treated and can move on from here.”

— E.T.

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