Austin Varicose Vein Treatment Reviews“Dr. Bunker was referred to me by my primary care physician. I’m usually terrified when it comes to doctors, but Dr. Bunker and his staff made me feel very comfortable. He explained everything thoroughly with patience and, most of all, amiably.”

— E.Q.

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Attentive and Thoughtful Blood Cot Leg Treatment Review“I was experiencing pain at the back of my left knee. I also thought I felt a knot, so I was really scared that I might have a blood clot. Dr. Bunker was very calming and professional, and I felt very confident that I was receiving the best of care. The Sonographer was outstanding! She was gentle and caring, and her bedside manner was attentive and thoughtful.

I have always hated feeling like I was under a microscope, and a Doctor’s office is the last place I want to go. But I couldn’t have asked for better care, and this is one Doctor’s office that I wouldn’t mind going back to! Thanks BVIC! Your staff was great!”

— Stacia A., Round Rock, TX
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Austin Varicose Vein Closure Procedure Reviews“Dr. Stephen Bunker…uh-mazing! He is a smart man who knows his stuff like no one else. I’m grateful for you and your staff. I’m happy to say I am treated and can move on from here.”

— E.T.

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